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The stoemp is a typical dish from Brussels served since the 17 century. It is a dish made of potatoes. The potatoes are mixed with different vegetables such as onions, carrots, leeks, spinach, broccoli, chicory, peas or cabbage, flavored with a bit of thyme.

traditional Stoemp of Brussels

Stew Beef prepared in the flemish’s way (beer sauce) 16,90€
Meatballs prepared in the “marolienne”‘s way 16,50€
Mixed ( bacon and sausage) 16,00€
Pork chop 16,90€
Sausage from the countryside 16,00€
Blood sausage 17,50€
Rabbit with Gueuze beer sauce 22,90€


 Salmon with tarragon or bernaise sauce 21,90€
Fish waterzooi with stew potatoes 24,50€
Back of cod with white butter 25,90€
Miller’s sole 29,50€

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