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The dishes are prepared by our chefs with fresh products that are delivered every day, which is why our menus can vary from day to day. The prices on our website can change as well, because they are based on the prices of the market. For more information you can always contact the restaurant.
Our menus include traditional Belgian dishes. Discover our Belgian specialties soon!

  • Typical starters from Brussels
    Belgium Blood sausage 12,90€
    Vegetable soup of the day 6.00€
     Onion Soup with cheese 8.50€
    Grilled pig’s trotter 12,50€
    Shrimps with garic butter 14,90€
    Hot goat cheese salad with honey 12.90€
    Northsea shrimp croquette 13.90€
    Cheese croquette 11.50€
    Duo cheese and shrimp croquettes 13,50€
    Shrimp salad 13.90€
  • Stoemp from Brussels

    The stoemp is a typical dish from Brussels served since the 17 century. It is a dish made of potatoes. The potatoes are mixed with different vegetables such as onions, carrots, leeks, spinach, broccoli, chicory, peas or cabbage, flavored with a bit of thyme.

    traditional Stoemp of Brussels

    Stew Beef prepared in the flemish’s way (beer sauce) 16,90€
    Meatballs prepared in the “marolienne”‘s way 16,50€
    Mixed ( bacon and sausage) 16,00€
    Pork chop 16,90€
    Sausage from the countryside 16,00€
    Blood sausage 17,50€
    Rabbit with Gueuze beer sauce 22,90€


     Salmon with tarragon or bernaise sauce 21,90€
    Fish waterzooi with stew potatoes 24,50€
    Back of cod with white butter 25,90€
    Miller’s sole 29,50€
  • Variety of dishes

    Variety of dishes

    Veal’s head with sauce 14,00€
    Half Chicken with  appel sauce 16,50€
    Chicken vol-au-vent with fries 17,50€
    French endive with cheese 14,90€
    Mixed salad from Liege 14,90€
    Waterzooi from Ghent , stewed potatoes 18,80€
    Raw ground beef with fries 18,50€
    Veal’s kidneys with tarragon sauce or mustard from “Meaux” 19,00€
    Caramelized knuckle of ham & endives’ salad 21,50€
    Beef pur filet 26,90€
    Horse steak 19,90€
    Lamb ribs 24,90€
  • Break dessert Brussels Grand’Place
    Pancakes with sugar (2) 6,50€
    Homemade sugar pie with vanilla ice cream 8,50€
    Waffle from Brussels with whipped cream 7,00€
    Dame blanche (vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate) 7,00€
    Crème brûlée 8,00€
    Chocolate mousse 7,50€
    Tiramisu with speculoos 8,00€
    Café gourmand 9,90€
    Plate of cheese 12,00€